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The only thing that I'd rather own than Windows is English because then I could charge you two hundred and forty-nine dollars for the right to speak it.

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Humor is an affirmation of dignity a declaration of man's superiority to all that befalls him.

The happiness of this life depends less on what befalls you than the way in which you take it.

The saddest thing that befalls a soul is when it loses faith in God and woman.

Have no fear of moving into the unknown. Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you therefore no harm can befall you all is very very well. Do this in complete faith and confidence.

I've become a professional failure - in order to pay the mortgage I have to remain unemployed. Luckily a disaster always seems to befall me at exactly the right moment.

When we have done our best we can as a united people take whatever may befall with calm courage and confidence that this old nation will survive and if death should come to many of us death is not the end.

Take a course in good water and air and in the eternal youth of Nature you may renew your own. Go quietly alone no harm will befall you.