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Progress is measured by the degree of differentiation within a society.

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My ideal relaxation is working on upholstry. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself and it's like therapy.

In our modern world of interdependent nations hardly any state can wage war successfully without raising loans and buying war materials of every kind in the markets of other nations.

I saw clearly that war was upon us when I learned that my young men had been secretly buying ammunition.

We're constantly buying airplane tickets we travel on the Concorde.

Oh I think there are a lot of people who would be buying and selling online today that go up there and they get the information but then when it comes time to type in their credit card they think twice because they're not sure about how that might get out and what that might mean for them.

And the buying of new machinery meant not only the possibility of production but even the new technology 'cos as I mentioned before we were back of seven eight years.

Success will always be measured by the extent to which we serve the buying public.

What's unfortunate about buying a pitcher for $12 million is that he carries no warranty.

If you're able to help some people and make them smile and make them realize that life is good then that's worth so much more than buying a pair of shoes.

Corporations invest in sophisticated CRM or Customer Relationship Management programs to effectively oversee their relationship with their customers at every point during the buying process.

We have a market-driven society so obsessed with buying and selling and obsessed with power and pleasure and property.

More than ever before consumers have the ability to unify their voices and coalesce their buying power to influence corporate behaviors.

When buying and selling are controlled by legislation the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.

There are all sorts of cute puppy dogs but it doesn't stop people from going out and buying Dobermans.

I don't care what people say about my relationship I don't care what they say about my boobs. People are buying my songs I have a sold-out tour. I'm getting incredible feedback from my music.

Country fans need to support country music by buying albums and concert tickets for traditional artists or the music will just fade away. And that would be really sad.

Why are people unemployed? Because there is no work. Why is there no work? Because people are not buying products and services. Why are people not buying products and services? Because they have no money. Why do people have no money? Because they are unemployed.

You don't realize how hard it is to live on your own. But there's no mom to do your laundry and make you dinner and to do things for you and you don't think about little things like buying paper towels and salt.

I told my mom, 'I'm not buying another magazine until I can get past this thought of looking like the girl on the cover'. She said, "Miley, you are the girl on the cover,' and I was, like, 'I know, but I don't feel like that girl every day.' You can't always feel perfect.

Marrying an old bachelor is like buying second-hand furniture.

In the area we're discussing leadership begins on Madison Avenue on the desks and in the offices of people who spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying what will get them ratings.

Most people who are selling their mineral rights this is a once-in-a-lifetime transaction. The people who are buying the landmen who are coming in do it every day. So there's a little inequity there about knowledge.

I do a lot of curiosity buying I buy it if I like the album cover I buy it if I like the name of the band anything that sparks my imagination.

I do a lot of curiosity buying I buy it if I like the album cover I buy it if I like the name of the band anything that sparks my imagination. I still like to go to record stores I like to just wander around and I'll buy whatever catches my attention.