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One of the people that I respect the most now a person I think has done a heck of a lot for this world as a leader is Margaret Thatcher. She helped create a world that offers us a lot of excitement as we look to the next century.

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I'm well-travelled so I can see places coming up. I went to St. Croix in the West Indies at Christmas and it had been hit by a really bad tornado. Values there have gone down but I guarantee they will be up again in eight years. So I'll get in now while it's cheap as chips.

The only thing I can do is tell the truth as I see it and let the chips fall where they may.

When you take a stand out of deep conviction people know. They may not even agree but they ask 'Do I want someone who is willing to take a hard stand and someone I can trust to do that when the chips are down?' They want that.

You know I do music. If you look under the hood of the industry I'm in it's all based on technology. From radio to phonographs to CDs it's all technology. Microphones reel-to-reels cameras editing chips it's all technology.

When people hold you in high esteem it's very delicate relationship. When they meet you they're putting all their chips up. It's make or break.

Nature when she invented manufactured and patented her authors contrived to make critics out of the chips that were left.

So I'm getting less chips paying the same amount of money. Is that legal for them to do this?

I started eating healthier. I actually gave up fast food. I gave up candy and potato chips and everything else. I started watching what I ate.

I love all kinds of bread. Whenever I crave junk food I want salty things like peanuts or potato chips.

If I designed a computer with 200 chips I tried to design it with 150. And then I would try to design it with 100. I just tried to find every trick I could in life to design things real tiny.

We've lost touch and allowed technology to take precedence over organic nature. But let's not forget that those microchips in our computers came from elements of the earth.

I have a crazy amount of different jobs so the way I manage that is to not do more than one at a time. It's like old computers that had small memory chips they would do something called swapping where they would fill the memory with one task do it and get it out.

I'm a big potato chip girl. I don't like chocolate and cakes and all that but I have to have my potato chips. I've got bags in the back of my car right now! But I never beat myself up about it because look: You can't give up every damn thing. You need something in your life that you like just because you like it!

I think it's my adventure my trip my journey and I guess my attitude is let the chips fall where they may.