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Machiavelli's teaching would hardly have stood the test of Parliamentary government for public discussion demands at least the profession of good faith.

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I've also committed my time and resources to many local organizations like Christmas in April Catholic Community Services and Hudson County Meals on Wheels.

We live in the country. I'm a redneck. No ha-ha. I live in L.A. County but more in the hills. Not in the fancy kind! Trust me whatever you do you do not want to come to my neighborhood!

I don't trust Santa Barbara as far as I can spit. I am afraid that if I went back there it's possible that I could be run through their system their judicial system and wind up in some county jail where I could be killed and I'm not gonna take that chance.

The strength of the Democratic Party of Cook County is not something that just happened.

Frivolous lawsuits are booming in this county. The U.S. has more costs of litigation per person than any other industrialized nation in the world and it is crippling our economy.

With more than 1 300 sites of care VA operates the largest integrated health care system in the county.

And I just think that we're at a point in our economic life here in our state - and - and candidly across the country where increased taxes is just the wrong way to go. The people of our state are not convinced that state government county government local government has done all they can with the money we already give them rather than the money that we have before.

My mother was the first woman in the county in Indiana where we were born in Jay County to have a college degree. She was educated as a pianist and she wanted to concertize but when the war came she was married had a family so she started teaching.

My mother was born on a tiny farm in County Mayo. She was meant to stay at home and look after the farm while her brother and sister got an education. However she came to England on a visit and never went back.

Leaders come in many forms with many styles and diverse qualities. There are quiet leaders and leaders one can hear in the next county. Some find strength in eloquence some in judgment some in courage.

Our competition for American business is no longer in the next county or the next state it's around the world.

Personally I had the opportunity to go on several ride alongs with the LA County Sheriff's Department with some amazing detectives who were invaluable to me.

Essex is an amazing county with its own set of rules. It's a completely different world.