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My dad always taught me to never be satisfied to want more and know that what is done is done.

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Religious speech is extreme emotional and motivational. It is anti-literal relying on metaphor allusion and other rhetorical devices and it assumes knowledge within a community of believers.

We have three centers: the emotional center the intellectual center and the physical body center. Each one of them has its own intelligence. How much better would we be if all three were working in unison?

I need to add that my work on multiple intelligences received a huge boost in 1995 when Daniel Goleman published his book on emotional intelligence. I am often confused with Dan. Initially though Dan and I are longtime friends this confusion irritated me.

I take parenting incredibly seriously. I want to be there for my kids and help them navigate the world and develop skills emotional intelligence to enjoy life and I'm lucky to be able to do that and have two healthy normal boys.

Emotional intelligence begins to develop in the earliest years. All the small exchanges children have with their parents teachers and with each other carry emotional messages.

When I went on to write my next book Working With Emotional Intelligence I wanted to make a business case that the best performers were those people strong in these skills.

But once you are in that field emotional intelligence emerges as a much stronger predictor of who will be most successful because it is how we handle ourselves in our relationships that determines how well we do once we are in a given job.

The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.

I've studied a technique called the Sanford Miesner technique that teaches you how to focus. It's mainly about daydreaming. And the technique's really about imaginary circumstances. Using your imagination to sort of daydream about stuff. It makes you emotional in a scene.

I'm an emotional sort of person in general and I have a vivid imagination so I feel the whole spectrum of emotion strongly when I write.

I think films about men are often about characters who don't want to express their feelings. You're supposed to kind of admire them for not expressing their feelings. And I feel that's a bit dull. Women's stories often have stronger emotional content which I enjoy doing. What I really love doing is mixing that with humor.

Humor is a very important thing. It is a natural predilection. It is an emotional release.

It's great to be able to connect parents with children both emotionally and through humor. I look forward to exploring family entertainment once again and examining the specifics of our day-to-day lives against the backdrop of an extraordinary adventure.

You can't do anything to be funny. That's cringeworthy. If your humor comes out of a place of love every time you don't make the joke bigger than you. The funniest comedians are in touch with their emotional level.

Cathy was the first widely syndicated humor strip created by a woman. The strip was pretty revolutionary at the time not only because it starred a female but also because it was so emotionally honest about all the conflicting feelings many women had in 1976.

Sometimes a scene may be about one thing and it may end up still being about that but the emotionality of it comes from somewhere else or the humor of it comes from somewhere else and it gives it that real-life quality.

There are certain things I learned when I first started learning about acting to try and place the character physically and emotionally. And the way you place them emotionally is often with humor.

An emotional man may possess no humor but a humorous man usually has deep pockets of emotion sometimes tucked away or forgotten.

Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.

I tried to use words that were dealing with the emotional quality that any human being could recognize in the way that they felt about their country. It's to do with the world we live in. That world is a brutal one and full of war. It's also full of many wonderful things and love and hope.

It's possible that I've matured as a writer and I hope I've matured emotionally but I always find myself revisiting these adolescent scenes.

I would describe myself as emotional and highly strung. If something upsets me it really upsets me. If something makes me angry I get really angry. But it's all very upfront. I can't hide it. I'm also loyal and I hope I'm fun.

If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages then maybe we can all learn from them. When you think about it what other choice is there but to hope? We have two options medically and emotionally: give up or Fight Like Hell.

For my wrap present Colin Farrell gave me a first edition book. I got so involved with this character and I was so sad when the movie was over that when I got home and I tried to read the book I got really emotional and I started crying.