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We need international support so that our people live a life of normality of dignity of liberty and freedom. I hope that our cry for freedom may be heard.

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I shall endeavour still further to prosecute this inquiry an inquiry I trust not merely speculative but of sufficient moment to inspire the pleasing hope of its becoming essentially beneficial to mankind.

We associate the North Atlantic with cod. The motto of Newfoundland used to be 'In cod we trust.' It was a joke but it was essentially true. But there is no cod anymore. And that's extraordinary. It's all because of either greed or politics - Canadian politics.

A company can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on firewalls intrusion detection systems and encryption and other security technologies but if an attacker can call one trusted person within the company and that person complies and if the attacker gets in then all that money spent on technology is essentially wasted.

I reached a time in college when I didn't know what I wanted to do. At that time women's careers were essentially nursing secretarial and teaching. My mother advised me to get my teacher's certificate.

A commercial society whose members are essentially ascetic and indifferent in social ritual has to be provided with blueprints and specifications for evoking the right tone for every occasion.

After all science is essentially international and it is only through lack of the historical sense that national qualities have been attributed to it.

Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple and may as a rule be expressed in a language comprehensible to everyone.

What I'd really like to write is a romantic comedy. This is my favorite kind of movie. I feel almost embarrassed revealing this because the genre has been so degraded in the past twenty years that saying you like romantic comedies is essentially an admission of mild stupidity.

Status anxiety definitely exists at a political level. Many Iraqis were annoyed with the US essentially for reasons of status: for not showing them respect for humiliating them.

I am a Westerner. We're not going to change the West by going East. The East has a lot to teach us but essentially it's like a mirror saying hey can't you see what's here in your own religion what are you stupid?

Zionism was originally a rebellion against religious Judaism and the PLO Charter was essentially secularist. But because the conflict was allowed to fester without a resolution religion got sucked into the escalating cycle of violence and became part of the problem.

For that again is what all manner of religion essentially is: childish dependency.

I don't think the relationship between novels and realities are one to one. Of course novels play different roles. It's essentially just a long narrative form. What you use that long narrative form for can be very different.

But reason always cuts a poor figure beside sentiment the one being essentially restricted like everything that is positive while the other is infinite.

This career essentially chased me down while I was on the spoken-word scene in New York. I kept hearing that my delivery of my poetry - which was very personal and cathartic at the time- was very moving to folks. People thought that I was an actress because of my delivery when I was just dropping into the work and really pouring out my soul.

So I suppose poetry language the shaping of it was and remains for me an effort to make sense out of essentially senseless situations.

Music is essentially useless as is life.

New Orleans life is such a night life. The thing that comes up very often is that our day essentially doesn't start until midnight or 2 in the morning.

The idea that a congressman would be tainted by accepting money from private industry or private sources is essentially a socialist argument.

The most dangerous criminal now is the entirely lawless modern philosopher. Compared to him burglars and bigamists are essentially moral men.

Man's nature is not essentially evil. Brute nature has been know to yield to the influence of love. You must never despair of human nature.

I am not a member of any organization listed by the Attorney General as subversive. In any instance where I lent my name in the past it was certainly without knowledge that such an organization was subversive. I have always been essentially and foremost an American.

To express the same idea in still another way I think that human knowledge is essentially active.

Everything has been said yet few have taken advantage of it. Since all our knowledge is essentially banal it can only be of value to minds that are not.