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Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.

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He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest.

Every reader finds himself. The writer's work is merely a kind of optical instrument that makes it possible for the reader to discern what without this book he would perhaps never have seen in himself.

Be there a will and wisdom finds a way.

Wisdom finds its literary expression in wisdom literature.

War is like love it always finds a way.

Buonaparte has often made his boast that our fleet would be worn out by keeping the sea and that his was kept in order and increasing by staying in port but know he finds I fancy if Emperors hear the truth that his fleet suffers more in a night than ours in one year.

The unthankful heart... discovers no mercies but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and as the magnet finds the iron so it will find in every hour some heavenly blessings!

Technology is neutral: It convicts and finds innocents. We must make it a regularized part of the system giving defendants access to DNA testing and evidence whenever it might be relevant.

A little girl who finds a puzzle frustrating might ask her busy mother (or teacher) for help. The child gets one message if her mother expresses clear pleasure at the request and quite another if mommy responds with a curt 'Don't bother me - I've got important work to do.'

Truly it is in darkness that one finds the light so when we are in sorrow then this light is nearest of all to us.

I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

I am an optimist unrepentant and militant. After all in order not to be a fool an optimist must know how sad a place the world can be. It is only the pessimist who finds this out anew every day.

I don't like to search too much. I find it is easier when romance finds you.

There is a vulgar incredulity which in historical matters as well as in those of religion finds it easier to doubt than to examine.

The film is about Joe discovering who his mother and father are and his relationship with them and the identity crisis he goes through once he finds out who his parents are.

What this power is I cannot say all I know is that it exists and it becomes available only when a man is in that state of mind in which he knows exactly what he wants and is fully determined not to quit until he finds it.

The musician - if he be a good one - finds his own perception prompted by the poet's perception and he translates the expression of that perception from the terms of poetry into the terms of music.

Our cat is kind dove shellfish and thinks the world is hers She finds a comfy spot and then we pet turtle sheep purrs.

The struggle to get weapons is continuous but the United States will aid us if it finds Israel displaying a willingness for peace.

Truth makes on the ocean of nature no one track of light every eye looking on finds its own.

Although our intellect always longs for clarity and certainty our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.

Our soul is cast into a body where it finds number time dimension. Thereupon it reasons and calls this nature necessity and can believe nothing else.

O! many a shaft at random sent Finds mark the archer little meant! And many a word at random spoken May soothe or wound a heart that's broken!