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The best artist has that thought alone Which is contained within the marble shell The sculptor's hand can only break the spell To free the figures slumbering in the stone.

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I need a teacher quite as much as Helen. I know the education of this child will be the distinguishing event of my life if I have the brains and perseverance to accomplish it.

Don't confuse fame with success. Madonna is one Helen Keller is the other.

On the 28th the ship's company received two months pay in advance and on the following morning we worked out to St. Helen's where we were obliged to anchor.

I'd like to think Helen very much understood what it was to be disadvantaged in the medical field. And that that was something that she never let dictate her choices.

In my wildest imagination I never thought that the fifth of six children born to Helen and Buddy Watts - in a poor black neighborhood in the poor rural community of Eufaula Oklahoma - would someday be called Congressman.

What I really tried to do with Helen was make her show this sad side of her. She was married off at 16 was so young and living in this castle that can't leave because of how she looks and married to a man she hates and three times her age.