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Sometimes being famous gets in the way of doing what you want to do.

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I'm well-travelled so I can see places coming up. I went to St. Croix in the West Indies at Christmas and it had been hit by a really bad tornado. Values there have gone down but I guarantee they will be up again in eight years. So I'll get in now while it's cheap as chips.

For the execution of the voyage to the Indies I did not make use of intelligence mathematics or maps.

It seems like the studios are either making giant blockbusters or really super-small indies. And the mid-level films I grew up on like 'Back to the Future' and all those John Hughes movies the studios aren't doing. It's hard to get them on their feet.

I go to Saint Barth in the French West Indies for two weeks each year. That place is amazing. Amazing people beautiful beaches great wine wonderful harbors... It's incredibly romantic.