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The chances of a reunion now are less likely. I was thinking of having a 40th anniversary of the band but now they are really another band so it's all a bit weird.

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Something I didn't even know was on my bucket list has been achieved. I have cooked Thanksgiving dinner with Martha Stewart. I vow to follow the gospel of her teachings and do my very best in the remarkably less glamorous kitchen of my own home... without the luxury of magically appearing prep bowls filled by a staff of sous chefs.

A lot of Thanksgiving days have been ruined by not carving the turkey in the kitchen.

If my kid couldn't draw I'd make sure that my kitchen magnets didn't work.

As a kid I was always mad - just noticing the women at Thanksgiving running around the kitchen while the men were watching football. For one I don't want to cook and for two I hate football. I was stuck in the middle.

There is a peculiar burning odor in the room like explosives. the kitchen fills with smoke and the hot sweet ashy smell of scorched cookies. The war has begun.

If you want to fight a war on drugs sit down at your own kitchen table and talk to your own children.

The pressure on young chefs today is far greater than ever before in terms of social skills marketing skills cooking skills personality and more importantly delivering on the plate. So you need to be strong. Physically fit. So my chefs get weighed every time they come into the kitchen.

I liked the energy of cooking the action the camaraderie. I often compare the kitchen to sports and compare the chef to a coach. There are a lot of similarities to it.

I was at the end of the studio system so when I walked into movies I had a magnificent suite in which I had a living room and a kitchen and a complete makeup room. I had everything just for me. With the independents you're kind of roughing it literally.

For me relationships are the real action movies. Bombs are exploding every day and the kitchen is Ground Zero.

That's a big deal for kids when they come into the kitchen and the teacher is drinking coffee with mom. They react differently on the next day when you say: 'Sit down and shut-up!'

My mother and my grandmother are pioneers of Mexican cuisine in this country so I grew up in the kitchen. My mom Zarela Martinez was by far my biggest influence and inspiration - and toughest critic.

I wanted to get us a place of our own with a little bit more space. The kitchen is just huge because my mom... lives there man and she loves being in the kitchen.

We never had a bathtub. Mom would bathe me in the wooden or tin washtub in the kitchen or in a big lard can.

I was always a drama queen. I remember playing in the kitchen trying to get my mom to think I was dead and call the police. When she didn't I would cry. I was always theatrical. I don't think any of my relatives are surprised.

If people are made to feel uncomfortable in the kitchen they won't go in there. That's why I think children learning to cook can be such a wonderful thing.

I have a little kitchen office at home where I do all my kids' stuff.

You may not like the idea of putting money into a home when you're moving out. But it's demanded by the market. You need to show it off. You don't have to rip out the kitchen and bathroom. But maybe replace the tiles or the countertops. Get professional advice.

Even cooking at home the difference between my wife cooking and me cooking is major. When my wife cooks the kitchen looks like a disaster. When I cook it's completely clean and organized and it doesn't look like anyone has been cooking in there.

The people recognize themselves in their commodities they find their soul in their automobile hi-fi set split-level home kitchen equipment.

Culinary tradition is not always based on fact. Sometimes it's based on history on habits that come out of a time when kitchens were fueled by charcoal.

True health care reform cannot happen in Washington. It has to happen in our kitchens in our homes in our communities. All health care is personal.

In our short walks we passed the kitchen where food was prepared for the nurses and doctors. There we got glimpses of melons and grapes and all kinds of fruits beautiful white bread and nice meats and the hungry feeling would be increased tenfold.

Julia Child wasn't afraid to have fun. She made fantastic food but knew how to have a good time and not be too stuck up about the kitchen space.