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We all have a responsibility to volunteer somewhere and I'm lucky that I get the education and get taken to places to see what's out there and see what's happening and to then be a part of it in hopefully an impactful way.

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What annoys the hell out of me is the arrogance of some people. They don't even listen to our music they decided in advance that they don't like it.

Have you listened to the radio lately? Have you heard the canned frozen and processed product being dished up to the world as American popular music today?

When I listen to music these days and I hear Pro Tools and drums that sound like a machine - it kinda sucks the life out of music.

I like all kinds of music. I listen to Abigail Washburn the Punch Brothers and Marc Johnson the great clawhammer player. I also listen a lot to Sirius Radio there's a lot of bluegrass there.

Music is about listening the more you play the more the magic spreads.

Honestly I don't listen to nobody else's music but my own. It's kind of like sports to me. You don't see Kobe Bryant at a LeBron James game - he just works on his own game. And that's what I do. I only listen to me so I can criticize and analyze and all those things.

Back then people closed their eyes and listened to music. Today there's a lot of images that go with the music. A lot of music is crap and it's all commercial and the images are all trying to sell the record.

Teens think listening to music helps them concentrate. It doesn't. It relieves them of the boredom that concentration on homework induces.

I listened motionless and still And as I mounted up the hill The music in my heart I bore Long after it was heard no more.

My mother knew how to read music and everything. But I just kinda learned off of records. And so I was listening to records and I'd play 'em over and over.

This land is your land and this land is my land sure but the world is run by those that never listen to music anyway.

Sometimes before we make a record I go back and listen to a few. It's equally humbling and uplifting.

I was growing up listening to Queen. Freddie Mercury threw those incredible melodies into his songs.

So yes there's nothing I love more than listening to directors talk about their movies.

I watch and listen to movies today and am shocked by the way actors deliver their lines. Everybody mumbles now and I don't understand why.

Listen there are some movies that are set in stone and the writer or the director does not want to change but I've never worked on a movie including my own that didn't take advantage of a rehearsal process.

I mean I kind of remember... I'm 36 now so it's kind of hard for me to relate to what it was like when I was 25 or 24 but I do remember a period in time when that's how I defined who I was by the music I listened to and the movies I went to.

Listen I think movies serve many different purposes from those movies that are frivolous and just an entertainment to movies that just go to exploring the complexities of the human soul. Everything is valid if it's done with honesty and dignity and I actually do both of those types of movies in my career.

But then I go through long periods where I don't listen to things usually when I'm working. In between the records and in between the writing I suck up books and music and movies and anything I can find.

The movies I watch and the music I listen to and the books I read - those are important to me. It's very important to me and I don't know what I would do without those things.

Everyone related to me in my circle was from church: church friends church school church activities. All my friends weren't allowed to watch MTV or go to PG-13 movies or listen to the radio so I didn't really know anything different. That's how I was raised.

Know or listen to those who know.

I spent many a summer early morning with the radio very low half sleeping and half listening.

Well he doesn't make me laugh. I think I've got a fair sense of humour but I can't really see it in him. I've listened to his show on the radio on a Saturday morning and that's a load of mince as well.