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I have a kind of boring personal life to the paparazzi anyway and I don't hang with the cool crowd.

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I think I'm going to give my baby her first food on Thanksgiving make her some organic sweet potato. I'm very excited! It's going to be a big day and my husband is in charge of the turkey - he's the chef of the family!

I cooked at the White House for Easter last year with Michelle Obama. But it more had to do with cooking from the organic garden and her message. I took my daughter and granddaughter there and they were really charming it was great.

Man unlike anything organic or inorganic in the universe grows beyond his work walks up the stairs of his concepts emerges ahead of his accomplishments.

I just like to have words that describe things correctly. Now to me 'black feminist' does not do that. I need a word that is organic that really comes out of the culture that really expresses the spirit that we see in black women. And it's just... womanish.

Technology has made it much easier to make and manipulate music. Studio-driven machine-driven music does not always transcend into being a good live act. Many current acts are great live but many cannot cut it live. The music is not organic.

But some great records are are being made with today's technology and there are still great artists among us. Likewise there are artists today who are so reliant on modern technology they wouldn't have emerged when recording was more organic.

I don't want technology to take me so far that I don't have to use my brain anymore. It's like GPS taking over and losing your internal compass. It's always got to be tactile still organic.

Organic buildings are the strength and lightness of the spiders' spinning buildings qualified by light bred by native character to environment married to the ground.

Modem science then maintains on the one hand that nature both organic and inorganic strives towards a state of order and that man's actions are governed by the same tendency.

I record all of my music with authentic instruments in a studio before we start editing doing many many versions. The music shapes the film as we edit so it has an organic relationship to the content.

The whole thing about making films in an organic film on location is that it's not all about characters relationships and themes it's also about place and the poetry of place. It's about the spirit of what you find the accidents of what you stumble across.

A committee is organic rather than mechanical in its nature: it is not a structure but a plant. It takes root and grows it flowers wilts and dies scattering the seed from which other committees will bloom in their turn.

Everything is the product of one universal creative effort. There is nothing dead in Nature. Everything is organic and living and therefore the whole world appears to be a living organism.

I don't rehearse a lot. I try to keep it organic. Even in movies the less I rehearse the better I am.

I would go visit my mom on Sundays and my brother was working on stuff. I'd go in there and sing a little melody then we started working with words and the next thing you know it was just born organically without really trying.

The properties which differentiate living matter from any kind of inorganic imitation may be instinctively felt but can hardly be formulated without expert knowledge.

Agricultural practice served Darwin as the material basis for the elaboration of his theory of Evolution which explained the natural causation of the adaptation we see in the structure of the organic world. That was a great advance in the knowledge of living nature.

There's a lot of neuroscience now raising the question 'Is all the intelligence in the human body in the brain?' and they're finding out that no it's not like that. The body has intelligence itself and we're much more of an organic creature in that way.

The assumption is that the right kind of society is an organic being not merely analogous to an organic being but actually a living structure with appetites and digestions instincts and passions intelligence and reason.

There was a time I was very much blaming the way I felt on L.A that it was a vacuum of creativity of humor or anything organic and I was really angry at the place. But then today I feel completely different - I love L.A.!

If you build up the soil with organic material the plants will do just fine.

If we as a society are willing to have a preference for organic food the farmer can pass on the savings.

I don't always buy organic food. It is more expensive.

I'm learning to hunt with rifles because if you think about it hunting gets you the healthiest meat - organic free-range food. It's a totally yuppie spin on what I thought was kind of a redneck occupation.