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As I wrote I found that Aibileen had some things to say that really weren't in her character. She was older soft-spoken and she started showing some attitude.

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Women should be obscene and not heard.

The scenes on this field would have cured anybody of war.

Some scenes you juggle two balls some scenes you juggle three balls some scenes you can juggle five balls. The key is always to speak in your own voice. Speak the truth. That's Acting 101. Then you start putting layers on top of that.

We have so much pride in welcoming these passengers onto the plane and they have so much pride in travel. It's something that I definitely always remember when I'm playing a scene on the plane just to imbue everything with that sense of excitement.

Concepts like individuals have their histories and are just as incapable of withstanding the ravages of time as are individuals. But in and through all this they retain a kind of homesickness for the scenes of their childhood.

The music technology scene is changing so fast it's hard to keep up.

I do readings at the public library. I just did a benefit scene night for my old acting teacher.

It's always difficult to play a scene of physical violence because you're always afraid that you don't know your own strength and might hurt someone.

A lot of these angles are really about trying to mimic broadcast sports angles in order to anchor the scene to sort of normalize it before it becomes abstracted.

I was sad that Corpse Bride was so short. I would've liked to have had her around for way longer. She doesn't actually have that many scenes.

As an actor I've grown considerably. It's taken me years to get comfortable doing a romantic scene and dancing on stage in front of a live audience. I've really opened up a lot.

I wouldn't treat a romantic scene any differently than any other scene. I would really say the biggest preparation was chewing gum and breath mints! For a kissing scene it's all about the breath mints!

I'd like to be played as a child by Natalie Wood. I'd have some romantic scenes as Audrey Hepburn and have gritty black-and-white scenes as Patricia Neal.

I'm a fan of daytime drama I totally get it. When we are doing scenes that are romantic or will get the audience riled up I feel like I'm a fan in the room going 'People are going to be so mad right now!'

For behind the scenes halfway around the world in Mexico were two decades of aggressive research on wheat that not only enabled Mexico to become self-sufficient with respect to wheat production but also paved the way to rapid increase in its production in other countries.

I think there are a lot more relationship scenes in my movies that people tend to overlook. A lot of scenes really feel real and are about the characters.

This is the point being missed by readers who lament Liquor's lack of hot sex scenes probably because they aren't old enough to understand that a passionate relationship could be about anything other than sex.

Till now I have never shot a scene without taking account of what stands behind the actors because the relationship between people and their surroundings is of prime importance.

Our first scene is sort of a reunion between the X-Men characters which establishes everyone's relationship to one another sort of like a recap for all those who have forgotten since the last movie.

The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.

I would like to do something dark or small. I love independent films. I love emotional scenes. I love people who are struggling with something. I think it's just the juxtaposition to my incredibly happy positive demeanor.

This career essentially chased me down while I was on the spoken-word scene in New York. I kept hearing that my delivery of my poetry - which was very personal and cathartic at the time- was very moving to folks. People thought that I was an actress because of my delivery when I was just dropping into the work and really pouring out my soul.

I started off in England and very few people knew I was Australian. I mean the clues were in the poems but they didn't read them very carefully and so for years and years I was considered completely part of the English poetry scene.

Only the change on the international scene the crisis in the gulf and the strong firm position of the United States against aggression between two Arab countries created realities that led to the Madrid Peace Conference.