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I used to know Jennifer Love Hewitt. We lived in the same apartment building when I was about... jeez I guess it was when I was doing 'Christmas Vacation' so I was about 13 or 14.

Whatever he does should be seen as working at the Presidency and if he goes to Colorado for Christmas it should be for a minimum amount of time the family tradition and family get-together aspect emphasized and it be seen as a working vacation.

Actually my mother and Alfie came for three weeks' Christmas vacation and stayed for 21 years. I guess my mother never went back because she was lonely.

My work is like my vacation so in a way every day is like Saturday.

Too much work too much vacation too much of any one thing is unsound.

Since traveling is such a big part of my life when I am working I like to vacation relatively close to home. Florida is a great place for me to go and relax. It's so close which is perfect because it's the minimal travel time.

Book tours and research provide a lot of travel - too much I sometimes think but we do take vacations.

If I'm on location on some island we usually get up at four in the morning to set up. By seven thirty we're on the beach working until noon then we rest. It's not exactly a vacation.

I'm not an employee who goes to the office every morning at the same time. Then vacations are needed.

The thing I love most about going on vacation is that I get to leave behind any kind of schedule. My entire life is scheduled from morning to night and when I'm on vacation there is no schedule.

I'd never had money growing up and it's never been that important to me except maybe to take our kids on a nice vacation or something like that.

I think there's a time to work and everyone has to kind of adjust. And then there's a time to relax and be the mom or take the kids on vacation when you need to wind down. So it's a matter of planning and being able to map out your year or your week or let's start with the day. It is just being multi-tasking and being available.

We sleep in separate rooms we have dinner apart we take separate vacations - we're doing everything we can to keep our marriage together.

Babies don't need a vacation but I still see them at the beach... it pisses me off! I'll go over to a little baby and say 'What are you doing here? You haven't worked a day in your life!'

Year by year we are learning that in this restless strenuous American life of ours vacations are essential.

The one thing that offends me the most is when I walk by a bank and see ads trying to convince people to take out second mortgages on their home so they can go on vacation. That's approaching evil.

My first holiday to San Francisco in 1998-99 was supposed to be a two-week vacation but I ended up staying five weeks and nearly didn't come home.

If you want to be an entrepreneur it's not a job it's a lifestyle. It defines you. Forget about vacations about going home at 6 pm - last thing at night you'll send emails first thing in the morning you'll read emails and you'll wake up in the middle of the night. But it's hugely rewarding as you're fulfilling something for yourself.

By and large mothers and housewives are the only workers who do not have regular time off. They are the great vacationless class.

I love South American food and I haven't really been down there. I really need a vacation.

The readers are the ones who let us live our dreams. I try to write books which are really compelling - that you'd take on vacation and rather than going out you'd read in your hotel room because you had to find out what happened. Hopefully that's what readers are responding to.

Over the past 50 years we got versions of X-ray specs and space vacations and even death rays. But the X-ray specs don't fit on your face - they're big things that screen your luggage for guns. Space vacations are real but they cost $20 million. We have death rays but you have to be a triple Ph.D. to play with them.

It's great that people are basically spending their two weeks of vacation to come out and be with us in some weird part of the world. And I think we owe it to them to take 'em to some cool places.

Now I'm having to live with sales of around 50 000 per album - but I'm pretty content with my place in the general scheme of things even if it's meant I don't drive a fancy car and can't afford grand vacations.